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Cleanse packages include

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  • personal support

And will help you re-align, purify, and balance your body to restore a sense of well-being.  Our cleanses supply small light meals to aid the cleanse process.  We do not believe in beverage-only cleanses.

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Kristen Thibeault Executive Chef
Kristen Thibeault Executive Chef
Get Clean Gourmet Every Day
Try Us Today and Save $80

Nationally-awarded and trained at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Kristen invents new plant-powered and paleo recipes weekly – all with exciting flavor combinations.

Enjoy healthy meals that are easy to heat and serve.

For a limited time, we are offering our Weekly Meals package for $299, so you can save $80 off the $379 price.

It’s Like Having Your Own Personal Chef

Easy and Convenient to Try:
Get our menu on Monday Order by Wednesday * Get your meals on Saturday

We create new nutritionally balanced menus each week

We make everything from scratch and use organic and local ingredients whenever possible

We use NO butter, flour, or processed sugar

We deliver between 11am and 3pm

See this week’s menu

* or have your meals arrive automatically with Autopilot

Visit our FAQ for more information

Check out a recent Weekly Meals menu

entree: Chicken + Broccoli + Apple Salad
entree: Eggplant + Plantain Lasagna
entree: Mediterranean Pasta + Herb Vinaigrette
entree: Grape + Candied Walnut Quinoa
soup: Ginger Carrot Soup
salad: Spinach + Strawberries + Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing
grain: Wild Rice
vegetable: Rosemary Butternut Squash + Kale
breakfast: Peach Mango Chia
breakfast: Vegetable Hash
breakfast: Flax Seed Bars
dessert: Vegan Pumpkin Cheesecake
snack: Housemade Pico + Chips

Weekly Meals

18 Meals Single Order
12 lunch/dinner servings
6 breakfast servings
6 side salad servings
6 hearty grain servings
6 vegetable sides
4 soup servings
2 dessert servings
signature snack

Just Dinners

5 Meals Single Order
4 single serve entrees
4 vegetable sides
1 entree salad
1 single serve soup
1 single serve dessert

Lunches + Dinners

10 Meals Single Order
8 single serve entrees
8 vegetable sides
2 entree salads
2 single serve soups
2 single serve dessert


Body Breakthrough Weight Loss

Restore Me Cleanses with Juice and Meals 

Client reviews

I’ve had a number of meals prepared by the Kombu Kitchen goddess and she is a true food magician. These meals were not only visually beautiful and packed with delicious flavor–they were also *gasp* healthy for me as well! Now that’s a winning combo… and I’m thrilled this cuisine will finally be available whenever I want it! – Skye

Kristen’s dishes are a welcome, healthy and tasty alternative from the dishes that have become part of my usual routine. The flavors and “kombunations” are always new and exciting to try! I would definitely recommend! – Mario


I have been a customer of Kombu Kitchen for 3 weeks now, and I have never felt better! The food is absolutely DELICIOUS – inventive, flavorful, and healthy! I feel better every day, I’m more energetic, I’ve lost weight (!), and I’m enjoying my meals so much more than when I was slapping together junk food because I was in a rush. I have more time for myself now and actually look forward to my meals thanks to Kombu Kitchen!  – Kelly

Chef Kristen awarded prestigious S. Pellegrino “Almost Famous Chef title for 2013/14”

The first ever plant-based chef to win this award!

See this video produced by S. Pellegrino showing Kristen and other winners in Napa, California. The contest included 10 regionals held over 4 months with 400 contestants. Kristen also helped judge the 2015 competition.

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