Spring has Sprung, It’s Time for a New Start!

Kombu Kitchen makes it simple to enjoy delicious and nutritious plant-focused entrees, salads, soups, and snacks at home and on-the go! Conveniently delivered to your door, it is the easiest and healthiest way to take control of what you put in your body, how you feel, and how you look. All meals are prepared fresh with the highest quality superfoods, and menus are balanced to create a happier, healthier you! 

Clients rave about Kombu’s food and will tell you that they…
- Feel more energetic
- Rarely get sick
- Love the convenience
- Have lost weight
- And plan to keep the service for a very, very long time!

It’s time you give Kombu Kitchen a try!  Browse our meal plans or call 617-939-9138 for more information.

Kombu Kitchen Now Proudly Carries Saka Water!

Because you deserve the best tasting water we could find.

Our clients already enjoy the most delectable and healthy food the earth has to offer (via our kitchen), and now we are adding naturally pH positive, nutrient-rich, remarkably delicious water to the Kombu Kitchen menu!

Saka is premium, 100% natural alkaline mineral water sourced from a pure, remote, and protected aquifer in the pristine Koraglou Mountains. Bottled under ultra-hygienic conditions and tested regularly, you can be sure Saka Water is always clean, pure, and filled with only naturally occurring essential minerals, including bicarbonates, magnesium, silica, and calcium. Saka Water has won awards for it’s amazing flavor that comes from:

* No added chemicals
* No added preservatives
 * No synthetic vitamins or minerals
 * No other additives or buffers
 * No ionisation or processing

Kombu Kitchen has been selling Saka Water at our Sports Club/LA cafe in Chestnut Hill, MA for several months to rave reviews, and now you can get this amazing product conveniently delivered for FREE when purchased with your weekly meal plan. A six pack of 1.5 Liter sized bottles is only $20.

Learn More about the benefits of alkaline water and place your order today!


Sports Club/LA Chestnut Hill Chooses Kombu Kitchen as Culinary Partner

December 18, 2013 (Chestnut Hill, MA) – Today, Millennium Partners Sports Club Management LLC announces an exclusive partnership with the popular gourmet superfood company, Kombu Kitchen. Kombu Kitchen’s fresh cuisine options will be offered at Sports Club/LA – Chestnut Hill to Members and the general public.

See the complete press release

 Visit the Sports Club/LA website

Kombu’s Crispy Faux Duck Featured on Boston’s 7 News NBC, WHDH

Air date: November 21, 2013


“As a physician and mom, I heartily support Kombu Kitchen’s mission. We embrace a plant-based diet, and Kombu’s creative dishes are a hit with all our family members. As a physician, I follow the research correlating an increase in fruit and vegetable consumption can prevent diabetes. In addition, plant-based diets are key to control our low density lipoproteins, which is a key risk reduction for patients at risk for coronary heart disease. Many thanks Kombu, for helping all of us reduce our risks and enjoy delicious balanced meals for family dinner.”
   – Rebecca Weintraub, MD
   Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“The meals are fabulous. My wife said, “What have we been doing eating that other junk for the last eight years we’ve lived here in Boston?” Looks like this is probably a game changer for us, so we’d like to re-order for next week.”
   – John (Cambridge)

“I can’t say enough good things about the food and the service! We expected to feel healthier, but we thought we’d feel hungry; if anything, we’re MORE satiated. Also, I used to really look forward to going out for a nice meal. Now I look forward to staying home and enjoying an exquisite vegan meal!”
   – Lisa (Boston)

“I have long been wanting to find time to write and say how incredibly much we are enjoying our meals. This food is heavenly and we could not find better food in any fine restaurant that suits our tastes and preferences so well. On a humorous note, while we have many friends who would imagine the menus outstanding, as you know, for many people, the word “vegan” conjures up fear of missing out on “tasty” food. Every single meal is perfectly prepared and a lovely thing to look forward to.”
   – Alicia (Franklin)

“I am brand new to Kombu. WOW, delicious! My first tryouts were linguine, tomato basil soup followed by banana no-gurt for dessert. Really wonderful. I’m looking forward to trying more of your terrific fare. Thank you!”
   – Judy (Beverly)

“This might be the BEST week of Kombu Kitchen yet! I am obsessed with the no-gurt (could eat it all day long) the chopped salad w/ ranch dressing is freakin’ amazing….and don’t even get me started on the spring rolls!”
   – Belinda (Peabody)

“I have been a customer of Kombu Kitchen for 3 weeks now, and I have never felt better! The food is absolutely DELICIOUS – inventive, flavorful, and healthy! I feel better every day, I’m more energetic, I’ve lost weight (!), and I’m enjoying my meals so much more than when I was slapping together junk food because I was in a rush. I have more time for myself now and actually look forward to my meals thanks to Kombu Kitchen!”
   –Kelly (Boston)

“For the single professional guy who works a lot and often late Kombu Kitchen is a HOME RUN! When I am tired and get home at the end of a busy day instead of eating take out or being too exhausted to cook something healthy these prepared meals save the day. I always have a couple meals in my fridge at work for when I work late. It would’ve been hard for me to believe without experiencing it myself that eating healthy can be so tasty. I always am excited for my Kombu meal!!!”
   –Tom (Boston)

Chef Kristen awarded prestigious S. Pellegrino “Almost Famous Chef title for 2013/14″ as the first ever plant-based chef to win

See this video produced by S. Pellegrino showing Kristen and other winners in Napa, California. The contest included 10 regionals held over 4 months with 250 contestants. Kristen is now the official S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef and spokesperson for 2013.

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