5 Years Cancer Free

Dear Kombu friends and family

On September 12th, we toasted the life-saving day in 2008 when doctors successfully removed stage-3 breast cancer from my body with major surgery. After 5 incredible years, I am happy to report I am in perfect health and surrounded by love everywhere I look.  I am truly grateful and blessed for the healing that I have experienced.

I lost my mother to cancer in 2002 when she was only 60.  This of course has weighed heavily on my mind throughout these last five years as I walked the jagged emotional path of optimism, fear, doubt, anxiety, and amazement at the rock-solid support and faith of my husband, family and friends.  To all of you who were with me in 2008 or have since joined me on along the way, I will say I am grateful to have you in my life and I could not have made it without you.  It is your positivity, your light and your humor that have kept me strong and given me the space to pause, heal, dream, and create.

Last year Kombu Kitchen was born ultimately as a result of my personal wake up call.  Cancer and a fresh awareness of my own mortality struck me like a lightening bolt and caused me to embrace wellness like I never had before.  I knew I had been given a second chance and that I needed to stay healthy at all costs for me and my family. While plant-based food certainly adds health, I was not about to sacrifice my life-long love affair with decadent gourmet cuisine.  So I went to work to make gourmet food more healthy or make healthy food more gourmet, I don’t know which. It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that I am still here!

On a VERY related note, you may have noticed our new logo and Kombu tagline released this week on our website and marketing collateral:

Gourmet Superfood; Eat as if your life depends on it.   

The message is real and very personal as I believe you can change your health and extend your life with healthy eating.

I am honored to be able to share my passion with you each week. You, in our Kombu family, are the most enthusiastic, caring, and loyal friends and clients I could ask for. Thank you for all the support this past year. I plan to offer another healthy report in 2018 – when I then will be cancer-free for 10 years  :)

As always, I look forward to hearing from you and cooking for you soon.

In Health,

Chef Kristen

Sept 12th 2013



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